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We all want our yards to be more than pieces of land, parceled out on a map at the Recorder of Deeds office. We want our yards to be natural extensions of your home, places that offer recreation and security in the short-term and increased property value in the long term. Good deck and fence construction offers an opportunity to do that. 

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What Are the Benefits of a Deck?

Do you enjoy having friends and family over, especially when the weather is good? A deck does two things. The first and obvious benefit is that it’s a terrific place to sit on a pleasant evening, enjoying the company of those you care about. Another benefit is that a deck can allow you to make these gatherings larger than you otherwise might if you did not have the proper outdoor space. 

A well-designed and constructed deck serves as a natural extension of the house. Perhaps you currently feel like your maximum for a get-together is 8 to 10 people. The addition of a deck, one that smoothly integrates with the house might double that number. More relationships can be forged, and more friendships can be strengthened when your parties can have a few more people. 

The extension of the living space can also work well during your regular everyday life. Cooking dinner can be taken outside more frequently. On a hot summer day, you’d rather the heat be kept outdoors. On a beautiful day, you would just rather be outdoors, period.

When you work with our designer on the plans for the deck, you can explore options for making it aesthetically pleasing. The proper design makes your deck look beautiful to the neighbors when they look across the yard and it looks impressive to the cars that drive past your house.

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The Benefits of a Residential Fence

There’s an adage that says good fences make good neighbors. That can come off as a little harsh, but there is truth behind it. Even when you have a great relationship with your neighbors, there are still times when you simply want to lay out in the sun, maybe rest and read a little bit, and not have to worry about the neighbor stepping outside and feeling invited to start a conversation with you. 

Do you or your neighbor have a dog? The fence will prevent the dog from crossing the property line in either direction. We all need our space, sometimes we want that space to be outdoors, and a fence can be a part of achieving this. 

No one wants to think about the possibility of burglary, but it is unfortunately common. According to the FBI, burglaries happen at least once every 20-30 seconds in the United States. A fence isn’t the only part of a good security system–good lighting can also help–but a fence is certainly a good place to start. 

The need for safety also applies in other ways. Do you have small children that you want to let play outside, but worry they’ll run off the moment you turn your head? A fence can help. 

Do you have a pool in a neighborhood with a lot of small children? A fence can protect the kids from wandering in, deciding to take a dip, and then possibly injuring themselves. As the pool owner, you are legally responsible for taking reasonable steps to prevent such an outcome, given that the law may see the children as too young to take responsibility for themselves. A fence can serve as legal protection. 

Your fence can be constructed in a way that not only maximizes its aesthetic appeal, but also how it works in tandem with the weather. What direction does the sun rise? The fence can be built in such a way that you’ll have the sun at the times you can be outside. Are you in an area where the wind whips through? Fences can be a wind-break. You can also work with our landscape design professionals to set up a fence in a way that protects a patio or other parts of your hardscaping design

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How A Deck & Fence Construction Contractor Can Help

Decks and fences are something people may try to construct on their own. As contractors who love our work, we understand why. We’re also convinced that hiring professional help brings real advantages. At the risk of stating the obvious, a professional contractor does this for a living. They know how to build in the most efficient way possible–working at a good pace while maintaining excellent quality standards–because they spend every day mastering that efficiency. 

Pros have also mastered the art of safety. The last thing you want is for your deck to give way during a barbeque or a piece of fencing to cause an injury to your child’s friend who is out in the backyard playing. Incidents like these, leave the homeowner potentially liable. 

Depending on what your deck and fence plans are, there may be municipal permits required. Contractors are familiar with the often-tedious process of applying for and getting these permits. The same goes for ensuring that fences are built in accord with the property lines on file with the Recorder of Deeds. 

All In One Landscaping & Hardscaping welcomes the opportunity to make your life easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable by taking on your deck and fence construction project. We pride ourselves on involving the client every step of the way and keeping a sharp eye out for the little details that ultimately determine a project’s success. 

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