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Landscape Lighting Louisville, KY

Landscape lighting can make your beautiful yard look even better at night. There’s also real practical benefits to this type of property upgrade–a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders said that 41% of prospective homebuyers considered outdoor lighting to be an essential part of their desired home. 

That means any home without this valuable feature loses 6 of their first 10 prospects before they even set foot in the house. The further implications of that figure are clear–landscape lighting is more than just creating beauty in prime time–although it most certainly is that. It’s a financial investment in your home’s future.

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Lighting Up Your Yard

Landscape lighting begins with the proper positioning of the lights. You certainly want the area where you, your family and guests will be sitting to be properly lit. You also want the lights to draw out the most decorated parts of your yard, while minimizing the visibility of other parts. If these factors are given appropriate consideration in the original design and installation of the rest of the landscape, lighting position can be a natural step in the process. 

This requires strategic thought between you and your lighting contractor. Do you want the plants highlighted? Do you have an outdoor fireplace area where someone may need light to cook at night? Are there paver pathways that should be lit up so people can easily find their way back to the house? Where are your flower beds positioned?

Once lights are positioned, further thought can be undertaken to create the most appropriate atmosphere. Do you want to be able to create a romantic setting by having dimmer lights in certain areas? Or do you have kids that will play outdoors, and you want those lights to be brighter so they can continue well past dark? Do you want the lighting to be able to move and offer a sense of drama to your friends and family during a party? 

The Added Safety & Security of Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is an important part of keeping your family safe. When you develop a beautiful landscape, that often means steps, drop offs, and other areas where someone might trip. Lighting either prevents that, or–at the very least–provides the homeowner with a valid defense if the neighbor files a personal injury lawsuit over the broken foot that happened as a result of missing the steps. 

There’s also the matter of security from potential burglars. We don’t like to think about it, but there are three burglaries every single minute in the United States. Your landscape design may have created some beautiful nooks. Now, those nooks must be protected, and flood lights are a way to do that. You have the option of implementing these lights with motion sensors for more economically efficient use. The mere existence of a well-lit yard can persuade the would-be burglar to turn back. 

A well-lit yard is beautiful and safe. It’s attractive from the perspective of curbside appeal. What’s more, landscape lighting is flexible–you can change your setup as the years go by and your needs change. It’s a great way to enjoy your home more in the current moment and increase its value for the future. 

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